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Robin Griffin

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Robin aka Champagn is a native of Champaign, Illinois. A graduated from Tennessee State University.  Also a Mother of twin boys Aziz and Zion. 


Two of her biggest inspirations in life are her mother and grandmother. Both of them taught her how to be independent but also the value of family.

Moms I Love To Follow: 

1. Jada Pickett Smith, because she is teaching  that true love is unconditionally and the power of forgiving yourself. 

2. Beyonce, of course 


"Don't hide from who you are" - Rihanna. 

      Mia Brown

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Mia better known as FlyMamaMIa born and raised in Nashville, TN. She is a graduated from Unversity of Memphis, so it's safe to say Memphis, TN is her second home. She is a mom to a cool kid name Carter.

Her two biggest inspirations in life is the Bible and her family. She personally believes The Bible is the ultimate guide to life, it literally teaches you everything you need to know about life. Secondly,  family because they are her support system. 

Moms I Love To Follow : 

1. Beyonce, no explanation needed it's Beyonce.

2. Michelle Obama, She is an epitome of a role model. An inspiration to women that look and come from backgrounds 

"Remind yourself nobody is built like you, you design yourself" - Hov

Meet the cast

Tynesha Lawrence

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Tynesha also known as Nesha. Born and raised in Tennessee. Mom of Jordan, Jaden, and Karter. 

Her two biggest inspirations in life are The law of Attraction and her Fiance. She believes that whatever you give your energy and attention too, will come back to you. She says " My fiance is my backbone. He never lets me fail. He nurtures my soul. His is my protector. He inspires me to be great every single day. 

Moms I love to follow: 

1. Cardi B, she's a business Mogul and the true definition of someone who came from the bottom and worked her way to the top while also helping others. 

2. Dreka Gates, she's the definition of loyalty. She always holds her family down no matter what. 

"You gotta go through darkness so you can fully appreciate the light" 

- Kevin Gates